Built on the place of a former gate tower of the second group of fortifications,the Bridge of Lies which connects the two sectors of the Little Square, assuring the link between the Upper City and the Lower City has, undoubtedly, the most legends in the history of Sibiu. 

A genuine symbol of the city, Lies’ Bridge was rebuilt in 1859, at Fredericus Hutte’s factory, being the first in Romania and the second in Europe made of cast iron, with fretwork decorations and two big circles at the two ends decorated with the emblem of Sibiu. 

Lies’ Bridge is considered a romantic place, where lovers met, although there are at least 4 legends about it. 

The most reliable one seems to relate to its linguistic origin. Because of the fact that the bridge was the first one built without any support pillars, it was also called “the lying bridge”. Or, in the saxon dialect “lying” (lugenmarchen”) is the homonym of the word “lying”, i.e.”to lie”.  This is how many stories were invented about the bridge. The local old people even gave it “human” qualities. They used to say that the bridge “feels” any lie told be those who pass it over; it begins to groan in a typical way, which gives shivers, the joints squeak in a threatening way and the railing gives you the feeling that it can fall at any time, and the liar will fall. 

Another legend speaks about the fact that the Little Square, which was the merchants’ square was consequently the square of bargains and negociations. Sometimes, as it happens in a bargain, there were clients who were tricked,too. They used to return with the merchandise that they had bought, and they used to throw the slick merchants off the bridge, in the roars of laughter of the crowd. Hence, they not only stopped cheating on the people of Sibiu, but they also served as an example for all dishonest merchants. 

The « spiciest » legend of the bridge is related to the bodily cleanliness of the girls who dated their lovers in that place. Here, they used to swear their love, they used to plan their love future, they used to plan their marriage, all this after the young ladies previously sustained their "cleanliness".  When this was not true, the legend says that after the wedding night, the brides were dragged by their hair to the bridge, where they were thrown off, in order to be punished for their dishonest oath. 

There is another legend related to this "chapter". According to this legend, the Military Academy  cadets used to steal young innocent women’s hearts, promised them dates under the full moon on this bridge, which they always « forgot » to come to.