The asp (Aspius aspius) is a relatively common European freshwater fish, which can be found in dead waters and streams, from the Rhine to the Urals.
In the Danube Delta, the asp can be found even in the Black Sea's waters, where the Danube flows and refreshes the salted sea water.
The medium size of an asp varies between 30 and 40 cm. The heaviest asp to be ever captured weighted 9 Kg and was 150 cm long.
The asp is a predatory and diurnal fish, but even though it presents the characteristics of a predatory fish, its big mouth is toothless. The asp has only pharyngeal teeth.
Generally, the asp prefers streams, but during the reproductive season it retreats in dead waters.
The asp follows its prey assiduously. It prefers bleaks, which he catches after several jumps, made even above the water.
The asp is a species with a low interest for the industrial fishing, but it is appreciated in sportive fishing. Also, the asp is a protected species, but it is not an endangered species.