The Tabacariei Park spreads on an approximate surface of 100 ha, around the Tabacariei Lake from Constanta and it is one of the most beautiful parks from Dobruja and one of the biggest from Romania. The park has three interior lakes, which have rich, green shores, with vegetation that covers a big part of the park. The lakes have islands, peninsulas and isthmuses, which give the area a romantic aspect. A specific charm is given by the multitude of bridges that cross the water areas.

The vegetation of the park consists of various species of specific lake areas trees such as: willow trees, poplars, pond cypresses, red oaks, chestnuts, birches, beeches and magnolias. The wonderful flowers from the 4 ha permanent exposition, "Expoflora", come as an addition to the numerous flowers that form the spontaneous flora of the area. "Expoflora" gathers thousands of plants, from the most varied species. Here are shown veritable plant collections.

During the summer season, you can make the tour of the park with a little train. The little wooden church of Saint Mina contributes to the park's charm by reflecting itself in the lake.

The Tabacariei Park is the ideal place to take a breath of fresh air, to enjoy a pleasant walk or to have a picnic.