The Sports Park or the Tractorul (tn. the tractor) Park, how it used to be named until this year, from Bra?ov, has a surface of over 40 hectares and it is located in the Tractorul neighborhood, between the 13 Decembrie Street, the Turnului Street and the rail road, on its southern angle. 

The park is crossed by alleys, limited by rich vegetation, and benches for those who choose to make a stop or read a book.

Inside the Sports Park are located the Bra?ov Ice Rink, roller tracks, football, mini football and basketball fields, fitness equipment and a beautiful fountain.

Playground areas for children have been remade and public lighting has been improved.

The access inside the park is allowed even during nighttime, because the park is monitored by infrared surveillance cameras.

Also, inside the park is located the No. 35 Kindergarten, which was renovated when the park was modernised.