Vraja M?rii Spa Sanatorium from Eforie Sud, Constan?a, Romania, is one of the most modern spa sanatoriums in Romania. Located in the Eforie Sud resort, from Constan?a County, the sanatorium is open all year round and it offers specialized treatments and optimal accommodation.

The mud from Techirghiol and its unique across the world properties have been acknowledged more than 200 years ago and its use as a therapeutic factor has an effect known for thousands of years, due to the fact that mud therapy is one of the oldest treatment measures and it has been used since ancient Egypt.

Inside the Vraja M?rii Spa Sanatorium are being performed recovery spa-physiotherapy  treatments following the indications and the specifications of one’s doctor. Clients and patients can benefit from the following procedures and treatments, all of them included in the accommodation price:

  • - mud baths
  • - herbal baths
  • - mud and paraffin wraps
  • - galvanic baths
  • - underwater showers
  • - magnetic therapy
  • - laser therapy
  • - electro physiotherapy
  • - massage- kinesiology
  • - hydrotherapy
  • - Vichy shower
  • - Ozone therapy
  • - Sauna

Each treatment is performed under the guides of a professional medical team, formed by primary physicians and recovery specialists, physical medicine, balneology and rheumatology. The properties of the Techirghiol mud and water can be used likewise in beauty treatments and disorders such as:

  • - chronic gynaecological disorders (sterility, adnexitis, chronic metro-adnexitis)
  • -  trauma based disorders (bone sequels, muscle and joint sequels)
  • -  rheumatic disorders
  • - chronic peripheral neurological disorders.

The spa complex has a signed contract with CNAS (tn. Casa Na?ional? de Asigur?ri de S?n?tate –the National House of Health Insurances).  Due to this fact, co-payment occurs only for accommodation and meals, according to seasonal periods and medical consults.

For further information we kindly ask you to contact as via e-mail (office@complexvrajamarii.ro) or phone: 0241.747916 – Reception, between 9.00 am and 6.00 pm.