Siutghiol Lake Mamaia

Siutghiol Lake ((“Ghiolul Mare” in the local folklore, or “Mamaia Lake” in tourist language)is 7.5 km long and 2.5 km wide. On its 1900 hectares, you can practice water sports such as water ski and yachting. Siutghiol Lake has a chalky island, Ovidiu, with a surface of 2 ha, where there is a restaurant.  

Siutghiol Lake is separated from the sea by a sand belt, where Mamaia Beach was born. Near the Black Sea shore, the bottom is made up of beach sands, which are 3-4 meters thick. The sands cover the clay deposits which mainly extend on the rest of the bottom of the lake. The former sea shore, where the lake appeared, is made of Jurassic, Cretaceous and Sarmatian era deposits, represented particularly by claying. 

On the western part of the lake, towards Palazu Mare and Caragea, there is a small island made of Cretaceous era deposits. On the southern part of Siutghiol there is Tabacaria Lake. Both lakes have sweet water which overflows mainly nearby the Institude of Oceanographic Research, its piezometric level being 2.5 m above the level of the Black Sea. The presence of several sweet water springs that feed the lake is well-known on both the western part and its bottom.