Sihastria Monastery is situated in the northern part of the Neamtcounty, 22 km away from Targu Neamt town. Starting from here, we leave on the right the way to Neamt Monastery, we run through about 15 km, then leave the main road, go over Ozana and penetrate the secu creek valley. On the way we first encounter Secu Monastery. The Valley becomes more narrow and lonely, and after 3 km of road, in all its splendor we discover Sihastria Monastery as an island of peace.

Orthodox monastery of monks, dedicated to the Virgin Birth, which is celebrated on 8 September, Sihastria represents the continuing of the tradition of Daniil the Hermit, who has led a secluded life of hermit thirsty for the word of God, on the way of true faith, a house of worship of silence, of tears and spiritual meditations.

At Sihastria Monastery is Father Cleopas cell, which has in recent years become the most visited place in this place of worship, and the cell of Paisie Olaru other great confessor of Romanian orthodoxy.

The road to their cells starts in front of the old church of the Monastery Hermitage and goes under the bell. You can visit on this occasion and the cemetery where they are buried and wooden church. Not far away is the cave of Pious Sihla Theodora, who lived an ascetic life and in desert, reaching holiness.

Monastery offers accommodation and meals to pilgrims who are seeking a place of peace, prayer and calmness recovering. Here nature and spirituality, naturally blends and visitors are given a special personal experience.