Dear customer, we would like to let you know that you have honored us greatly when you decided to visit us! You should also know that we will treat you greatly no matter if your only one or with your spouse or with your whole family and friends. Because this is what we live for, to take care of everything so that in the end you will be very happy with the decision to come visit us.  Therefore we are sure that you will come back again and again.

Also you should know, dear customer, that we welcome you everyday with special food, carefully prepared, cold, German beer and prestigious wines from our parts, so that they will make you feel incredible in the house of soul!

But be ware! Leave all your troubles and worries behind, do not come in with your stress because it will not do you any good. The delicious food can also be mixed with our traditional brandy which will make you forget all your problems and enjoy your meal totally.

In our Romanian traditional restaurant, you can eat in three languages as we not only have Romanian traditional food but also German and Hungarian traditional food. For example we invite you to try the three different dishes with beef: beef tenderloin with tarragon,  in the Helder style, beef tenderloin with smoked ribs, as in Pesta, or beef tenderloin with specific sauce and chicken liver.

At Sergiana, in the cool cellar, everything is delicious!