The sand bindweed (Convolvulus persicus) is a spectacular and important species due to the fact that it can be found only in the area near the Persian Gulf and in Romania.
In our country, this species of bindweed grows only in beach areas, mainly on the beaches from Sulina and Sfântul Gheorghe.
It is a vulnerable species, because during the past years the population of bindweed has significantly narrowed.
The sand bindweed grows directly on the sand and it is a not so tall plant, with a height of 30 to 35 cm.
Its stem is straight, with a vertical position, and its leaves are covered with a multitude of little hairs, which make the leaves a greyish-green.
The blossom of the sand bindweed resembles the blossom of the field bindweed.
Sand bindweed is a plant which acts as a sign for stationary and consolidated sands.
Specialists have tried to help preserve this species by planting seeds in other areas, but their efforts were not successful.