The Roman Catholic Church 'Saint Anthony of Padua' is located in the historical area of Constanta, near the Carol I Mosque and the Cathedral 'Saints Peter and Paul'.

The church was built during 1935 and 1937, following the sketches and guidance of architect Romano de Simon from Bucharest, on the place of the old chapel built in 1885. The current edifice is a basilica, resembling the ones in northern Italy, built out of exposed bricks, following the Roman style characteristic for the 13th century. The interior of the church is also made out of exposed bricks and it does not require or allow plastering.

An important moment for the church is the celebration of Saint Anthony, on June the 13th, also known as 'the celebration of the lilies'.

In 1955, The Roman Catholic Church 'Saint Anthony of Padua' was declared an architectural monument.

The church's parish gathers 1000 families and around 4000 parishioners.