Rasnov Landscapes

The town of Rasnov is situated in the southern-western part of Tara Barsei (Barsei Depression) at the bottom of Bucegi Mountains and at the northern end of the Rucar-Bran and Cheia-Predeal lane. The fist documentary proof of Rasnov appeared in 1331 under the name of “Rosnou” and in the Middle Ages and the Modern Age is mentioned as one of the 12 villages which formed Brasov district mentioned in documents at 1377. The root of the toponym means “rose”, not only in Latin but also in Germanic and Slavic languages. 

Cheile Rasnoavei is situated 3 km away from Predeal- Brasov road. It has become one of the best-known and wanted places thanks to extreme sports. Here, extreme sports fanatics can find a bungee-jumping equipment which is unique in Europe, 135 m high which could be prolonged to 155m, on a 100m distance, according to the weight of the jumper.