Predeal Ski Slope

Predeal Resort is known and acknowledged for its sunny ski slopes which are organized at the highest standards. In case of unfavorable ski conditions, the artificial snow installations replace the natural snow.

Ready not only for the white season with ski slopes for beginners and advanced but also for the green one, Predeal mountain resort is supplied with 8 ski slopes, three of which are internationally approved: Clabucet Plecare Slope, Subteleferic Slope, Clabucet Slope.

The ski slopes cover a surface of more than 50 square km. One can go not only downhill skiing but snowboarding, cross-country skiing, biathlon, patrolling, which can be practiced in special conditions on Clabucet Slope.

Clabucet Slope is a medium difficulty slope with a length of 2.1 and a tilt of 20°. It features a ski lift.