Predeal Mountain Resort

Predeal Mountain Resort is situated on Prahova Valley, at the bottom of Bucegi and Baiului Mountains. Predeal City is located at the highest urban altitude in Romania. That is 1030m- 1110m.

The mountain climate in this area, with chilly summers and cold winters, makes Predeal Mountain Resort the ideal holiday destination, no matter the season. Predeal city assures marvelous landscapes and it is the best place for leisure and wintersports such as skiing, smowboarding and sleighing.

The attraction points of the resort are the 8 ski slopes with different levels of difficulty, the tourism marked mountain routes, the newly-made  ATV routes, the teleski and the telechair on Clabucet Ski Slope, as well the wide variety of restaurants specialized in Romanian and International cuisine. Except for the wintertime, in the mountains surrounding Predeal, you can enjoy unforgettablewalk and mountain climbingin amazing scenery, as they have always been the beautiful resort’s attractions for all tourists all over the world.