PRAID International Cabbage Rolls Festival

Every year, in late September, the International Festival of Stuffed Cabbage Rolls takes place in Praid. The first gastronomic festival in the country was held in here in 1995. Since 1998, the gastronomic competition is held annually. The Festival of Stuffed Cabbage Rolls is held for more than a decade in the Harghita village Praid, where clay pots with plenty of varieties of stuffed cabbage rolls are being cooked at the end of September.

The Festival of Stuffed Cabbage Rolls annually attracts increasingly more tourists eager to taste the goodies in the area.
Every year chefs compete in preparing the smallest (0.5 cm long and 2 mm thick), the largest (0.5 m. Long), the spicier, the tastiest stuffed cabbage roll.
The competition is fierce, but enjoyable for both chefs and for those attending the event.