A unique place on the seaside coast, Phoenicia Holiday Resort is a new touristic concept in Romania conceived in order to host families with children in particular by providing all the needed comfort to rest and relax but also all the necessary means for entertainment and good disposition.

The concept was conceived and built according to a person’s imagination, not taking into consideration financial, economical or commercial details, a concept that has been fully lived and thought-out for many years.

The experience we had with the 2010 season gives us the courage to say that we can create holiday stories much closer to "home". Phoenicia Holiday Resort is a story that lives a mark not only in the souls of children but also in the souls of those people looking for something else, something different.

Located in Mamaia North, on the road to Navodari City and only 150 meters of the seaside coast, the complex is the most spectacular investment in the last years, covering a total surface of 100 000 square meters, out of which more than 60 000 square meters are the effective building.

The ultramodern holiday complex provides for the moment over 1200 places for accommodation in 420 apartments, a parking lot with 400 spaces, restaurants, bars, open air cafes, oriental coffee shop, pools and cascades, playgrounds and entertainment centers for children, billiards club and games center.