1 Mai spa is located in Bihor county, at a distance of only 2 km from Baile Felix and 4 km from Oradea, between Rontau and Haieu. Also known in the past as the Baths of the Episcopacy (XV-XVIII Century), this resort became known mainly because of its mineral waters and its sapropelic mud which is extracted from the lake within, these being used in treating rheumatism, disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system and gynecologic problems.
The resort has a moderate continental climate, the average annual temperature being 10,5 °C, with a summer average of 21,3 °C. The average atmospheric pressure is 770 mm Hg.
The 1 Mai treatment spa offers qualified staff and services that you can enjoy during your vacations spent here.
The benefits of the thermal waters from the resort have been discovered many years ago. The first treatments were performed with the mud extracted from the bottom of the Peta creek and around the thermal springs. This was directly applied on the areas with pain of the body and this is how they discovered the healing and improving effect in the case of rheumatic diseases.


- car: Bucuresti - Oradea on E 60 (Brasov - Targu Mures - Cluj Napoca - Oradea), E 79 Craiova - Deva - Oradea, E 671 Timisoara - Arad - Oradea and then Oradea - Baile 1 Mai on E 66
- train: one can get to 1 Mai by train to Oradea from Bucharest (650 km), Cluj Napoca, Baia Mare or any other direction and from Oradea to the resort by car or bus.
- airplane : Bucharest - Oradea and special external flights.