Do you know the joke with the guy who sees a giraffe for the first time? At the first view, Nec's line restaurant has almost the same impact. Nec's line is the newest project in the tourism business and it is developed by Sergiana Grup. It  consists of establishments which  combine the idea of bistro-fast-food with fancy gastronomic tendencies and pizza place.

The wine considered to be above average or even a digestive drink, pasta, all sorts of salads, chicken menu or mini-steak, pizza or a cold beer, or just a juice; all you can possibly think of  wait for you in our new type of restaurant. The offer is made in such a way so that your every need is going to be satisfied. If you have to eat in a hurry because your schedule is full or if you just want to relax with a meal and a desert, come visit us and you won't regret it!

Let us not forget that we are talking about Sergiana, in Transilvania, and, after so much cosmopolitan, the conclusion can be only one: U.E. Recipes with Romanian, regional, traditional food!