Neamt Fortress is a medieval stronghold from Moldavia – Romania and it’s located near the town Targu Neamt at approximately 46 km from Piatra Neamt. The construction is near the highest peak of the hill Culmea Plesului and it was declared a medieval monument in the National Heritage. Because of its strategic position and the events that happened here the Neamt Stronghold was one of the most hardened fortresses of Moldavia – Romania. The name of the stronghold comes from Neamt, which is the name of the river that runs at the base of the hill –the same rule applies to the Monastery Neamt and the cities Targu Neamt and Piatra Neamt.

On the entrance walls from the Neamt Fortress we can see a short history of this place:

Neamt Fortress was built during the time of ruler Petru Musat (1375 – 1391). The first documentary mention about the place is from 1395 – the year in which the king of Hungary, Sigismund of Luxemburg was defeated by the armies of Stefan I Musat at Hindau.

The golden era of the fortress was during the time of ruler Stefan cel Mare (Stefan the Great 1457 – 1504). He is the one that understood the strategic role of this construction. That is why he consolidates the stronghold by raising the walls higher, building the exterior court, the arched bridge that support itself on 11 stone pillars. Because of these reinforcements the stronghold successfully resisted in front of the armies of Mohamed the II in 1476.

Between 2007 and 2009 the entire complex was closed because of some intense work of restoration. After two years of hard work Neamt Fortress is again open for the public in all its glory and everyone that visits the place will be pleasantly surprised to see the restored building.