The MUNTELE MIC Resort is located on the southern slope of Muntele Mic Mountain, at an altitude of 1525 m.

Description: Muntele Mic is a resort functioning all the year round. The stimulating climate, the fresh air – without dust and allergens, and the picturesque mountainous landscape make this tourist complex ideal for leisure but also for the treatment of reurosis and physical or intellectual fatique states.
From the resort you can go hiking towards Muntele Mic Peak, Tarcu Peak or Sucului Waterfall. Duning the winter the ski slopes with different degrees of difficulty, the funicular connecting Craiului Valley with the tourist complex and the natural setting wich favours the preservation of a constant snow cover for a long time, make the resort ideal for winter sports.

Acces: Timisoara – Caransebes (on European E 70) – Borlova – the bottom of the mountain (about 30 km). From here there are two posibilities: the telpher line (about 45 minutes) – road (about 20 km)

Vegetation: alpine pastures (with larged surfaces of grass and little vegetation);
mixed forests of fir trees, spricesand beech trees.

Fauna: The tourists can meef here: the brow bear, the wolf, the deer, the wild boar, the squireel, the chamois.