Mirage MedSPA harmoniously combines the three most desirable elements of any person living in the 3rd millennium: health, relaxation and beauty, in a modern unitary concept. Here you will find the perfect combination of modern and traditional, meant to rebuild the balance between body and spirit, help you regain your state of wellbeing, vitality and inner peace.

Mirage MedSPA differentiates itself in the landscape of health centers on the Romanian Black Sea shoreline through the holistic approach it takes with its guests. The medical recovery therapies that use natural therapeutic factors (vegetable slime mud from Techirghiol Lake, the Sun, sea water, therapeutic salt, healing plants from unpolluted alpine areas) and the Gerovital H3 products are combined with relaxation and invigoration therapies, therapies to reduce the effects of stress, traditional massages, face and body therapies, all meant to alleviate an array of afflictions and re-establish the physical, mental and emotional balance of the body as a whole.

The short distance to the sea, the ambiance, the unique services offered by a team of experienced professionals, are a few of the factors that we hope will convince you to take a break for your health.

Mirage MedSPA is distinguished through the medical activity based on complex programs for recovering the body's physical and mental capacities and anti-aging treatments, as recommended following a highly professional medical consult, supported by medical investigations (EKG, laboratory tests, analysis of body composition, etc.) and applied by highly qualified recovery therapists (kinesiotherapists, spa and physical therapy assistants, masseurs, etc.).

Experienced doctors develop complete and complex personalized packages that focus on relieving an array of rheumatic, post-traumatic, neurological, cardio-vascular, dermatological, gynecological, otorhinolaryngological issues, programs for recovery for sports players, as well as weight loss, detoxification, anti-aging and beauty programs. Whether you want to treat certain afflictions and dysfunctions, lose weight and reshape you figure, if you wish to rebuild muscle tone or just indulge, a Mirage MedSPA sojourn will recharge, revitalize and regenerate you like never before.