Micul Paris – a place with an interwar charm

The new restaurant Micul Paris welcomes you to cross its threshold, in the Old Centre, on Smârdan Street no. 16. Here you will enjoy a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, delicious food and a wide range of international and local beer assortments.

The interior design of the restaurant is inspired by the interwar period: heavy velvet curtains, chandeliers with crystals that spread a warm light, comfortable upholstered chairs, which will make your stay more pleasant, sepia pictures that illustrate the charming interwar period, when Bucharest used to be called the Little Paris.

If you like a meal cooked with skill, we suggest you to try one of our house specials: beef entrecote on a hot stove, duck leg with red cabbage, honey and orange sauce or a pork knuckle well roasted in the oven.
Do you wish to celebrate your birthday or any other happy event in your life? We are at your service and we offer you 50 seats in our restaurant.

For more details or for convincing yourself, we welcome you to visit us!