With a population of 44 500 inhabitants, Mangalia is the second largest city on the littoral and it is located 40 km south from Contanța and 14 km from the Bulgarian border.

As a permanent balneal resort, Mangalia benefits from an extraordinary climate, similar to the Mediterranean climate, with the highest annual average temperature in the country. The resort has the same historic age as Constanța, with more than 2000 years since its historical attestation.
Balneal treatments are available all year round. During treatments are used a series of marine factors, combined with the presence of the mineral springs discovered and utilised since the time of the Romans.

Among the interesting tourist attractions can be mentioned one of the oldest mosques in Romania (built in 1590) and the Archaeology Museum, which displays some of the exhibits found in the area, the ‘Mercurius’ pipes and curiosities collection and the ruins of the Callatis citadel.