The Mangalia Port is the only marina, alongside the Black Sea’s shore, which was landscaped using non-refundable European funds, following quality and technic European standards. The final result of the project is a modern marina, created using a concept which combines the specifics of the area and the general guidelines for harbour facilities, implemented by all noticeable marinas. This provides a place among other Mediterranean and Black Sea marinas for the Mangalia Port.
Easy access to the piers, a direct link to the city, the safety of an area away from strong winds and storms and the proper space for nautical sports put Mangalia next to Monte Carlo and among other significant marinas in the Black Sea area.
The growth of the shoring capacity of the marina will definitely include Mangalia in the nautical sports circuit. In 2008, Mangalia was the successful host of the first Bavaria Yachting Exhibition, showing small and large watercrafts, put for sale. Between the 3rd and the 8th of September 2008, in collaboration with the Romanian Yachting Federation, the City Hall of Mangalia organised the Balkan Yachting Games. The competition gathered 21 participants, from 9 countries, and over 150 watercrafts. During the same year, Mangalia was also the host of the National Offshore Sailboats Championship, organised by the Romanian Royal Yachting Club.
The affiliation of Mangalia to the Old Greek Ports in the Mediterranean and Black Sea Basins Union, since 1998, facilitates the acknowledgement of the Mangalia Marina alongside other European marinas.
Due to its location, the Mangalia Marina offers ideal maintenance conditions for watercrafts, both during summer and winter, and the opportunity to sail on Lake Mangalia during the times when the weather conditions do not allow access to the waters of the Black Sea.