Mamaia Telegondola

Unique in Romania, Mamaia Telegondola Project represents a complex cable transport installation for tourists who want to admire the scenery of Mamaia resort. The transport capacity is 600-1500 passengers per hour. 

The telegondola is another attractions of the Romanian seaside for tourists of all ages, as they can admire the surroundings and Mamaia Resort. You can get on it in 2 stations, the first in Perla Mamaia area, and the second one in Mamaia Casino area. 

Thus, tourists will have the chance to merely float above Mamaia Resort, for about 7 minutes, at a maximum height of 50 m. The capacity of a telegondola is 8 seats, and it is closed, with natural ventilation and sun protection with a strong glass system to assure a very good visibility. 

The equipment is state-of-the-art, in compliance with international standards, with a maximum safety level. The total length of the route is 2000 m.