From the City of Agra, once capital of the famous Moghul Empire, where the white marble of Taj Mahal guards the banks of river Yamuna, among the Hibiscus flowers and majestic archways, chef Arun Kumar has brought the essential: the mysterious taste of India.

You will find the savor of this ancient culture transformed into fantastic pieces of cuisine art, at the Agra Palace. Therefore, welcome lovers of subtle flavors and sophisticated atmosphere! 

Welcome gourmands, those looking for a thousand spices in the country of a thousand Gods, because here you will find a taste that has conquered the entire world!

Welcome lovers of recipes based on meat. You can taste the delight of the Tandoori clay oven and enjoy the most authentic recipes brought to India by the mogul invasions hundreds of years ago!

Welcome to our more sober clients and to the vegetarians as they’ll learn the secrets of Shakahari style from the Hindu cuisine and get delighted by the heavenly taste of the Oceanic India!