IRON GATES Natural Park Orsova

It covers an area of approximately 115,665.8 hectares, it is one of the largest natural parks in Romania (2nd place), it also contains 18 reservations.

The main landforms are mountains, including the southern extensions of the Banat Mountains (Locvei and Almaj Mountains), Mehedinti Mountains and part of Mehedinti Plateau.

In the park area there are plant and animal speciesthat have a very big importance both for Romania and for Europe. Tulipa hungarica species is endemic growing on the slopes of the Great Ciucaru (Danube Boilers), for which the species is strictly protected by law. Among other species strictly protected, we mention: Testudo hermanni boettgeri (Hermann’s tortoise), Vipera ammodytes (horned viper), Canis lupus (wolf), Lacerta viridis (European green lizard), Ruscus aculeatus (butcher's-broom), Campanula crassipes (boiler bells), Daphne laureola, Taxus baccata etc