The largest park in Bucharest is Herastau Park, in the north of the city, spreading on 110 hectares. On this area, before 1930, there was a bog. Between 1930 and 1935, this area was drained and therefore discussions started for the new lay out. The design for the park was made by two architects, Pinard and Rebhun and the alleys were designed by the architect Octav Dobrescu. The lay out of the vegetation, was done by Fr. Rebhun.

Due to the impressive length of the park, it has been divided in two parts: one is quieter and therefore perfect for relaxing; the other part of the park is designed for more active entertainment. In the first area of the old side of the park, there are two theatres, exposition halls, libraries and several piers. The second area, designed by the architect Visan and the technician Mateescu, includes sport centers, restaurants and chalets.