The H2O Kite School is the first and the most complex kiteboarding place in Romania and it offers the complete set of equipment to anyone who wishes to try this sport and to professional sportsmen who wish to train and master the sport.
On the H2O Beach, from the north side of the Mamaia resort, where the fully equipped kiting spot is located, all kiting students are provided with the help and assistance of IKO (International Kiteboarding Association) certified teachers and assistants.

Students can choose from 6 hour lessons and 10 hour lessons for 50 euros/hour.
Day 1 – wind directions, threats, kite set up, safety, safety systems, how to manage a training kite and a 4 lines kite
Day 2 – how to manage the kite, plate recovery techniques, kite re-launching
Day 3 – alignment and kite & plate movement for standing up on the plate, priority rules on the sea

Classes depend on weather conditions and on reservations. There can be organised trips on the sea for better wind conditions.