Located in the 2nd district of Bucharest, Gr?dinaIcoanei (The Garden of the Icon) is a little and coquettish park, with many playgrounds for children, nicely arranged alleys and a fountain, located in the middle of the park, which brings life to the beautiful green area. The Gr?dinaIcoanei Park was created on an old puddle, which in the 18th century was called ‘a Bulindroiului’ (‘The Puddle of Buliandroi’) and in the second part of the same century was named ‘Balta de la Icoan?’ (The Puddle from the Icon’).The Bucure?tioara Creek had its spring here, but between the years of 1832 and 1846 the spring was plugged and in 1870 it was drained. Later on, in 1873, the area became green and it was called ‘MaidanulIcoanei’ (The Wasteland of the Icon). 

The current rehabilitation of the park was made in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and it was made trying to remake the original aspect, from the 19th century, of the park. Thus, the right alleys have become winding paths and the fountain and rivet are a reminiscence of the old ‘Bucure?tioara’, giving the park a touch of mystery. 

At the entrance of the park is located the ‘Gheorghe GrigoreCantacuzino Monument’ (liberal politician, former minister of finance and director of the ‘Voin?aNa?ional?’ newspaper) made by the sculptor E. H. Dubois in 1904 and in the near vicinity is the Bulandra Theatre with the Gr?dina Icoanei hall.