The Eforie Nord Resort is located between the Black Sea and Techirghiol Lake, at only 14 Km from Constanta, and it is the second biggest resort from the Romanian seaside. The resort is a pleasant destination for both relaxation and treatment. Eforie Nord Resort is well-known for its treatments with natural factors existing here and it has 2 treatment facilities: one connected to the network of hotels and the other one, offering treatment for 120 patients, at the clinic provided by the Institute of Physiotherapy and Medical Rehabilitation. The treatment facilities are available all year round. 

The beach is 3 Km long and in some parts it reaches 100 m in width. The wooded areas, that surround the resort, bring freshness and relaxation in Eforie Nord.

The hotels, villas and rest houses can host up to 19000 tourists.

The diversified infrastructure, the recreation facilities (sport fields, swimming pools), the possibility to practice water sports and the local charm are a guarantee for spending a pleasant holiday at the Black Sea.