The Domogled-Cerna Valley National Park is a protected natural area developed to protect and preserve the ecosystems as well as to promote and foster the recreational activities.
Although it has been officially founded in 1990, the concerns regarding the nature conservation are much older, dating back to 1932.
Starting with 2003, a team of 15 members is in charge of managing the Domogled-Cerna Valley National Park whose overall area exceeds 60,000 hectares.
This national park is also a Natura 2000 site – being part of the network of protected natural areas in the European Union. The endangered habitats and species within these areas are protected and preserved based on the Directives on Habitats and (Wild) Birds.
Domogled-Cerna Valley National Park is characterized by several unique natural phenomena, namely:

  •  Cerna Valley totally integrates itself into the mountain landscape and separates two rows of mountains which are different in composition and landscape. It is a typical longitudinal valley which follows the tectonic line between Vâlcanului and Mehedinţi mountains on the one hand and Massif Godeanu and Cerna Mountains on the other.
  • Cerna Valley is characterized by a unique geological phenomenon called Cerna Fault with Jurassic limestone.
  • The massive presence of limestone favored the formation of unique ecosystems.
  • Thermal caves which are unique in Romania and very rare in the world rule for millennia this area of rare beauty.
  • The existence of rare species of flora and fauna, endemic and Mediterranean.
  • There are over 1500 butterflies species, 45 % of Romania's butterfly fauna is concentrated here.

Inside the Domogled-Cerna Valley National Park, the communities are represented by a locality named Cerna Sat, situated in Gorj County, and several hamlets belonging to Cornereva Commune, Caras-Severin County.
The hamlets accommodate the permanent households of the residents of Cerna Mountains. Among the hamlets with numerous households are Prisăcina, Dobraia , Ineleţ and Scărişoara . These hamlets are instantly charming their visitors by their special charm given by the fact that the inhabitants thereof live in harmony with nature, without benefiting from the daily facilities offered by the modern life (electricity and running water).
Inside Domogled-Cerna Valley National Park is the spreading core of Banat black pine, a well-known species for its resistance and adaptation to adverse site conditions, which means that it grows on steep bare rocks, without soil. The expansion of this species is continuous and on large areas, forming brushes of high landscape value.

Touristic objectives in the National Park

  • Moara Dracilor (Devil’s Mill)– located in the Tesna reserve, the water mill’s wheel spins counterclockwise, this is the reason for its name;
  • Cheile Corcoaiei (Corcoaia Gorges) – major carstic touristic attraction, whose appearance is explained by the legend of the mythical hero Iovan Iorgovan, who split the mountain in two with his sword;
  • Hamlets – located in the Cerna Mountains, where there is a possibility to connect with the local culture, traditions and traditional way of life in harmony with nature;
  • “Piatra Puşcată” (The Shotted Stone) - it is maintained the old border guard trail from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, carved in a cliff, and in this area there are also two thermal water springs on the right side of the Cerna river;
  • Cerna’s springs – it is considered the most powerfull stream in Romania, having 1,5-1,6 cubic meter flow rate per seconds;
  • Caves – more than 400 caves including thermal caves which are unique in Romania and very rare on the globe;
  • Astonishing panoramas with calcareous landscapes;
  • Waterfalls – spectacular ones like, “Vânturătoarea Waterfall”- the water descends from 40 m high and “Cociu Waterfall” – the water descends from 120 m high and it is considerred the highest waterfall, after some writings.

Touristic activities in the National Park

  • Hiking on marked tourist trails,
  • Observation of flora and fauna,
  • Climbing,
  • Photographing the spectacular lanscapes,
  • Thermal baths,
  • Picnic in the special designated areas,
  • Experiencing the life of the local communities in the Hamlets,
  • Tasting traditional products,
  • Rafting,
  • Canyoning.

“Explore the unique area of the Domogled-Cerna Valley National Park!”

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