Health, beauty and lifestyle are the three ingredients of a perfect life and you can get all three at Daimon Club. We wish to bring an equilibrium to your life, offering the perfect environment in which you can relax and keep in shape.

We offer you non-stop access to our sports and wellness centre. In a pleasant, relaxing ambiance, you have the opportunity to forget about your worries and your stress together with escaping from daily routine, by spending a few hours in our centre which makes a wide range of services available to you. The latin proverb Mens sana in corpore sano (healthy mind in a healthy body), makes you believe that doing sports can contribute to a healthy mind and a worry free life.

After the sport sessions, our clients can enjoy the treatments and therapies offered by our spa centre: massage, facial treatments, exfoliations, tanning saloon and many others. Anything you can think of for your health and beauty.