Silviu 11 years ago

hehe....aici am fost facut pionier pe vremea lu' nea Nicu :P

andrei 11 years ago

am fost de curand cu niste prieteni din Spania. M-am bucurat sa revad castelul Bran bine intretinut

George Kepler 10 years ago

We were fortunate to visit your lovely home just two weeks ago when the sun was shining on the colorful forest that surrounds it.*****Such a beautiful environment and we thank you that you have restored the castle to its original splendor.*****The video is excellent, and I would like to know the music selection which accompanies the video, to include the orchestra which plays it.*****Thank you. George Kepler, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Katia Miguez Carroll 10 years ago

I would very much like to be able to visit the Castle Bran sometime in my life. The video that accompanies this website draws me and allows me to daydream that I might already be there. I can only daydream for NOW, but will start on a mission to make it a real life adventure. I hope to see you sometime in our future days. Truly and most interested in Castle Bran, Katia Carroll Grand Prairie, Texas, USA

lucia 9 years ago

am fost de nenumarate ori la castelul bran si de fiecare data am intrat cu emotia primei vizite.este un loc incarcat de istorie care trebuie vizitat de toti romanii.vizitati castelul bran ca merita.

Donna Saddler 9 years ago

I was there last week and I was glad that I visited Bran Castle - - . It is one of the most beautiful and inspiring castles of Europe.

Edy 9 years ago

o sa mergem cu clasa aici intradevar este frumos!:P

Oliver 8 years ago

a realy nice video and a wonderful. perfect*****music

Costica Rosca 6 years ago

l-as revizita inca de o mie de ori!

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