Cismigiu Park Bucharest

Cismigiu Park is situated in the centre of the Capital, being at the crossroad of Mihail Kogalniceanu (S), Schitu Magureanu (V) boulevards and Stirbei Voda (N), Brezoianu (E) streets. It is the oldest and considered to be the most beautiful park in Bucharest. It has a surface of 17 hectares and lies on the ground where, at the beginning of the 19th century there was a grove and a lake formed by natural springs. In 1779, Alexandru Ipsilanti, the ruler of this part of the county, ordered the construction of two fountains (rom.- cismele). This is where the name of the park comes from. The park was officially inaugurated in 1854 after the development under the supervision of the Austrian designer Carl F.W.Meyer. The garden is very impressive due to its floral arrangements and to its very interesting collection of dendrology. The park is never empty, in the summer being the perfect place to relax and in winter you can enjoy the natural skating ring on the lake.