The Casino from Constan?a, the symbol of the beautiful city from the sea shore, is built right on the seafront.

Initially, the Liberals brought French architect Daniel Renard to project the casino, but after the Conservators came to power, the project was given to a Romanian architect by the name of Petre Antonescu. The construction began in 1904. The sketches made by Petre Antonescu were used only for the foundation of the casino. The rest of the building was made under the guidance of Daniel Renard.

The architect designs a building in the Art Nouveau style. The building was intensely criticised, by a part of the public opinion and not only, due to the asymmetric architecture of the building and the irreparability of the construction elements. These aspects represented innovative elements, which were the discordant note of the Romanian Neoclassicism.

Regardless of the criticism that was brought, the works started in 1907, under the guidance of Renard, are finished in 1910. The Casino was inaugurated on the 15th of August 1910, in the presence of Prince Ferdinand.

Shortly, the Casino becomes one of the most known establishments of this kind in Europe. The interior was luxurious, with beautifully decorated walls, sophisticated chandeliers, expensive carpets and fine hardwood furnishings. The access in this exclusivist world was allowed only for those who were wealthy and had distinguished attire.

During the First World War, the Casino from Constan?a served as a hospital, but it returned to its initial use during the Interwar period.

The Casino was restored in 1986 by a collective of plastic artists made up from: Sorin Dumitru, Gheorge Firca, Ioan Miturca, Nae Mira and Nicolae Moldoveanu. During the restoration were added new decorations and stained glasses.

Currently, the old Casino is being restored again, hoping to reach its former shine.