Once an inn, surrounded by forests and lakes, but surprisingly close to Bucharest, Casa Vlasia is a place which was born out of love for beauty, peace, healthy food and outdoor relaxation.
The care and love for nature are reflected by the way in which the inn and the buildings, which compose the farm, were designed. The heating system is based on non-polluting biomass, with low heat losses. We use the ash from the non-polluting biomass as a fertilizer for our crops.

The animal farm is also a source of unhealthy substances free fertilizers. This natural cycle offers us the balance of sustainability and the advantages of independence from the modern food trade.

Our wish to rediscover the traditional savours, we have created a farm, with vegetable gardens, orchards and vines, nurtured out of care and passion for the authentic Romanian spirit. So, our menu contains only traditional dishes, cooked with care and attention for the details by our chefs. No matter if it is the vegetable spread, made from the vegetables produced in our farm, a delicious steak or vine leaf meat rolls, the food we serve at Casa Vlasia will take you into a true gastronomical adventure.

We welcome you to pay us a visit and a try!