The menu in Casa Tudor is a cookbook with real stories, with flavors and dishes strewn through the fairytale characters, stories or any other type of literature written in time.

All stories start the same: “Once upon a time there was a whoever...” The menu has another epic....the beginning is with a snack. You can choose form 16 different types of beginnings. The following courses are going to be recommended by fairytale characters who will offer you delicious soups,  and anything your heart desires for the second course: fish, game, or any other type of meet: pork, beef, chicken. Also do not forget that each story has something to do with drinking, therefore, here at Casa Tudor you can find anything you can think of from what drinks are concerned.

Any story which has a beginning, usually has an ending too, but that is not the case at Casa Tudor! With us you can be sure that the story always goes on and we keep on cooking for your pleasure!

Summary: you have more than 30 reasons to sit down either in one of the saloon or on the terrace, if you like fish or any other type of sea creatures. Talking about pork, chicken, beef or game, the list is full. Everything is good and tasty!