“Casa Luminita” Restaurant is located on no. 287 Theodor Pallady street, the “Ozana” area. It has a covered terrace which can accommodate up to 100 people. It is the place where you can enjoy high quality live music, in the middle of  what we like to call a “green oasis”. “Casa Luminita” has two elegant halls which can host up to 350 people.

Casa Luminita Restaurant offers a wide range of  international cuisine and also special menus for important events like wedding ceremonies, anniversaries or christenings. The event menus include four types of food and coffee. The prices for these menus range from 140 RON and 180 RON. The alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are not included in the price and you can provide them yourselves if you wish to do so.  Some of the dishes which you can find in our menu are: cold or hot appetizers, fish or cabbage meat balls, pork or beef steaks, chicken and salads.

Offer: Drinks + Food menu + Hall decorations – between 185 and 235 RON. 

We would be honoured to have you as our guests!