Cheile Bicajelului are located in the Hasmas Mountains and have a length of 20 km. These natural wonders are made by the brook Bicajel. These parts are as wild and spectacular as Cheile Bicazului but are untouched by the wheels of cars because of the fact that are difficult and dangerous. We highly suggest that you visit these parts with the help of a specialist.

The access road to the Cheile Bicajelului starts in the resort Lacul Rosu (Red Lake) and crosses an area of extreme beauty through the valley of the Bicajel. First you’ll go 8 km on a country road that goes through the valley of the Bicajel, a place that the locals call it Bicajelul Trei Fantani (Bicajel Three Fountains). This valley is absolutely gorgeous, with green hills that stretch as far as you can see. This place seems looks almost like a painter came and draw the hills and the small houses and the cows and the horses. Everything is like in a beautiful story.

After 8 km the country road starts to narrow. Soon it will become a trail that goes into the dense forest. You start to climb and suddenly you see Cheile Bicajelului. Here you can see many small waterfalls formed by the Bicajel brook. The most wild and spectacular part of this route is located between Fagetul Ciucului and Surducelui Rock.

To cross the Cheile Bicajelului you need climbing equipment, diving suits and a guide. The rocks that rise on both sides of the brook Bicajel are abrupt and dangerous. The water is in some places 3 m deep and very cold. This touristic route is one of the most beautiful and spectacular from Romania.