Adventure Park is an out-door sports activity, a very pleasant way to spend time with family and friends.

Parc Aventura Brasov has 10 progressively difficult tracks. Each participant receives an adventure with two carabiners safety equipment to be used permanently for safety.

Each track has a difficulty level, which is symbolized by a specific color:

  • 4 purple tracks for children under 8 years; the purple tracks have a security system which does not require carabineer manipulation, for a maximum safety;
  • 2 yellow tracks for children from 8 years old and for beginners; yellow tracks do not exceed a height of 3 meters;
  • 3 green tracks which are easy, where you can get used to the height of gaming; on the green tracks the game height do not exceed 6 meters;
  • 2 blue tracks of medium difficulty which are considered to be the most pleasant, being neither too light nor too heavy, but enough to be fun;
  • 2 red tracks and 1 black track which already require energy, strength and technique; on these trails we get the maximum adrenaline;
  • "Great flying over Lake" - length 111 meters, maximum height 3 meters, crossing the lake ... suspended;
  • "Close your eyes and jump" - independent game, climb the ladder from the ground, height 16 meters. Close your eyes and jump into the void or not close your eyes, just jump. Do you accept the chalange?

The greatest height is reached on the black track, which is 20 meters. Who has the courage?

Welcome to Adventure Park Brasov to exceed limits!!!