The permanent exhibition, reorganized in 2013, is representative for the art collection’s profile and highlights works that show the level of civilization of Arad and the local environment. Through a chronologicaly structured presentation, the most important works that influenced the evolution of the art collection are being displayed.
The opening of the Arad art gallery and the inauguration of the Palace of Culture (october 1913) were marked by works of important hungarian painters : Aggházy Gyula, Benczur Gyula, Liezenmeyer Sándor, Barabás Miklos, Munkácsy Mihály, Lotz Károly. They are joined by artists who were influenced by the Arad area: Munkácsy, Válentiny János, Szamossy Elek.

Visiting hours:

Tuesday – Sunday: 09:00 – 17:00
Monday - Closed