Arges County Museum Pitesti is located in the Prefectures building located on Armand Calinescu street, no. 44, Pitesti.

The “Rudolf Schweitzer-Cumpana” art gallery is located in a 1886 building that until 1970 was the City Hall. It has a patrimony of 1100 paintings and classical and contemporary sculptures. On the first floor, there are works by Nicolae Grigorescu, Stefan Luchian, Theodor Pallady, Gh. Petrascu and Nicolae Tonitza concentrated on important historical moments from the work history of each artist. These painters gave personality to romanian painting, they founded the national school of modern painting. Also on the first floor, two halls are dedicated to Rudolf Schweitzer-Cumpana paintings.

The National Gallery of Naïve Art was opened in 1971 and has works from famous painters: Gheorghe Babet, Gheorghe Boanca, Costel Bogatu, Anca Bota, Valentin Bota, Mihai Dascalu, Ion Maric, Petru Mihut, Ghita Mitrachita, Ion Negru, Ion Nicodim, Gheorghe Doja, Stefan Debreczeny, Alexandrina Debreczeny Lupascu etc.

The main exhibition of the Natural Science Department with the theme “Preserving nature on ecological bases”, was inaugurated in 1977. The theme of the exhibition was made based on the latest natural scientific discoveries and especially from ecology and environmental protection, fields that were little explored at that time in Romania. The exhibit was the first of its kind in Romania and Central and Eastern Europe (a fact confirmed by the national and foreign media of those times and by specialists), remaining one of the most remarkable exhibitions at the moment.

The main exhibition of the History Department shows, in the context of our national history, the evolution of human society on Arges County territory from the Paleolithic Era until 1947.