The Archaeological Park from Constan?a is an area rich in vegetation and in which the spirit of the old Citadel of Tomis is still alive.

The park spreads on a generous surface, between the City Hall of Constan?a and the Ferdinand Boulevard.

Its alleys seem like exposition halls from a history museum due to the fact that they are framed by columns, ceramic vessels and other historical artefacts dating from the period in which the citadel was under Roman-Byzantine dominance.

The angle of the park which is on the Ferdinand Boulevard is still limited by the Roman enclosure wall, dating from the 3rd century AD. The wall shows two gates, which used to serve as entrance gates. Also, here can be seen the ruins of the Butcher's Tower, which was remade during the rule of Justinian, and other architectonic pieces from the times of the antique Tomis.

On the wall of the building located in the eastern extremity of the park can be seen the map of the antique settlements from the old Dobruja. The map is made out of natural stone on a large scale.