The Romanian Navy Museum was established through the decision taken by the Council of Ministers on the 29th of May 1969 and it was categorised as an institution with a republican level of interest, a first class museum and a unique museum in Romania.

The museum was officially opened on the 3rd of August 1969, in Constan?a and it is located in the headquarters of the former Navy School. The museum offers a view upon the history of the Romanian navy.

The Navy Museum is organised following thematic and chronological criteria and it has more departments, arranged in 30 halls, with a surface of 10 775 square meters. The museum owns a total number of 37 800 pieces, 33 collections, among which 22 are museum collections, 8 are of documentary fund and 3 are miscellaneous. The most valuable cultural items are included in the collections: 'Fire arms', 'Orders and medals', 'Plaques and badges', 'Uniforms and uniform accessories', 'Model boats', 'Anchors', 'Pinacoteque', 'Photo collection', 'Numismatics' and in the book collections: 'Old books', 'Manuscripts and letters', 'Manuals, navy courses and instructions' and 'Navy press'. In the museum's patrimony are also included unique collections such as: 'Navigation instruments', 'Archaeological goods', 'Lighthouse lenses and models', 'Battle flags, flags, navy badges and banners', 'Ship propellers', 'Artillery', 'Underwater arms', 'Seals', 'Nautical maps and ship plans', 'Art objects', 'Photo albums', 'Graphics and sculpture', 'Ships and ship fragments', 'Transmissions', 'Ship engines', 'Certificates, diplomas and military records', the Miscellaneous I Collection - Impression books, honour books, speeches made by personalities, the Miscellaneous II Collection – flyers, posters, press collages, the Miscellaneous III Collection – personal archive ( memoirs, certificates, notes, property titles, diplomas, personal objects, poetry, books etc.).

Through the Law no 311 of 2003, law of the Museums and public collections, the Romanian Navy Museum was confirmed as of national importance and ranked the second important museum belonging to the Ministry of National Defence and the only museum of this type in Dobruja.