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GRADINITA Restaurant Bucharest

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“Gradinita” restaurant invites you in a modern, elegant and welcoming setting, where you can organize private parties as well as special events – corporate events or personal events (christening, weddings, birthdays) where the details make the difference. The restaurant has a room...

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TERASA DOAMNEI Restaurant Bucharest

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Located in Bucharest Old Centre, on Doamnei Street ( Lady’s Street), Terasa Doamnei ( Lady’s Terrace) is one restaurant that cannot be ignored or forgotten.  Terasa Doamnei Restaurant , the best place for you to taste the Romanian cuisine, invites you to enjoy traditional Romanian...

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SERGIANA Restaurant Brasov

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Dear customer, we would like to let you know that you have honored us greatly when you decided to visit us! You should also know that we will treat you greatly no matter if your only one or with your spouse or with your whole family and friends. Because this is what we live for, to take care of...

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TRATTORIA TASSI Restaurant Brasov

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We are happy to have you as our guests in virtual space and we are thrilled to meet you in our restaurant. Recently opened, the restaurant offers a mix of traditional recipes, carefully selected wines and a cozy and warm atmosphere, bringing Italy closer than ever. The fresh Mediterranean tastes...

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CEASU' RAU Restaurant Brasov

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If there was such a thing as a Barbeque National Championship, it would definitely be held at Ceasu' Rau Restaurant each time.  The kitchen is also at its best so that it will never disappoint you. The barbecue welcomes you at the entrance of the terrace on 56 Iuliu Maniu Street. The cook...

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LA FATTORIA Restaurant Bucharest

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In case you never visited our restaurants in Bucharest or Mamaia, we invite you in any of them as soon as you can and we hope you'll enjoy the delicious Italian dishes prepared by our chefs. If you have visited us before, then you certainly know the quality of the food and service, as well as...

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POPAS CISMEA Restaurant Constanta

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Popas Cismea Complex is situated at 7 km distance from Constanta towards Ovidiu, on 2A National Road, in the middle of a real oasis of nature and relaxation, a unique place in Constanta. The Complex spreads on two hectares and makes the following facilities available to you: A restaurant...

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IPANERA terrace Mamaia

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If Brazil seems too far, you show know that Brazil is coming closer to you, at IpaNera ! The first traditional Brazilian terrace in Romania, a cool place, full of the spirit of the most exuberant south-American country. Music, grills, concerts, cocktails, parties, atmosphere – all of them...

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LA FATTORIA Restaurant Mamaia

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In case you never visited our restaurants in Bucharest or Mamaia, we invite you in any of them as soon as you can and we hope you'll enjoy the delicious Italian dishes prepared by our chefs. If you have visited us before, then you certainly know the quality of the food and service, as well as...

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Bistro MA COCOTTE Brasov

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Nobody is obliged to be a genius, but we all like to make our contribution... To what? Or how? Or when? Or with who? We will let you decide that! Set free your imagination! We can only tell you this...during the moments you miss the past, you crave to pamper your taste just the way grandma's...

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ZORILE Ballroom Constanta

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Located on the Black Sea's shore, in the city of Constanța, Zorile Restaurant offers you an unforgettable view each time you organise an event here. Either if you are wearing your wedding gown or your groom suit, you are organising a christening reception for your youngest member of the...

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CHEZ MARIE GARDEN Restaurant Bucharest

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The new Chez Marie Restaurant is located in the centre of Bucharest, on General Berthelot Street no 44, and is a truly innovative concept. The restaurant is designed for those who wish to relax and enjoy the finest dishes, from the international cuisine or traditional dishes, from the Romanian...

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Ristorante ISOLETTA Bucharest

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Ristorante Isoletta Bucharest In June 2007 a new restaurant was opened in Bucharest. At the opening, a lot of famous names were present from different areas like: show business, sports, fashion and national and international politics. The restaurant is typically Italian and proposes a...

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LAGUNA VERDE Restaurant Balotesti

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Are you fond of fresh fish dishes and you wish to relive the experience of the journeys made in the Danube’s Delta?  Well, you can choose to have lunch or dinner in a fisherman’s restaurant, near Bucharest. The fish borsch, the fisherman’s brine or the seafood dishes...

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ST. PATRICK Pub & Restaurant Bucharest

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One of the most famous pubs in Bucharest’s Old Center, St. Patrick Irish Pub and Restaurant – is designed with both Dublin Victorian and Traditional Pub Shop Irish styles. The only pub in Romania built by the original Irish Pub concept, starting from design to services and...

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COCOSU' ROSU Restaurant Bucharest

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Cocosu Rosu  (Red Rooster) Restaurant is the perfect place for you, no matter if you wish to spend a regular evening or to celebrate a special event in your life. At Cocosu Rosu you will always be surprised with the most interesting recipes, exquisite tastes, special ingredients and...

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VULTURUL Restaurant Bucharest

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The Vulturul (Eagle) Restaurant was founded in the year of 1997, due to our wish to offer high quality dishes and services to all those who cross our threshold.  Beginning with the idea that each client must be satisfied, no matter what his expectations are, we have tried to use our...

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UNGLERUS Medieval Restaurant Biertan

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The Unglerus Medieval Restaurant , with a capacity of around 80-100 seats, welcomes you to enjoy beautiful moments in an unforgettable setting. Inside the restaurant, there is a wine cellar, with a capacity of 35 seats, where we invite you to taste from a wide selection of wines from the...

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PERLA Restaurant Bucharest

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What is your wish for tonight?  Is it a romantic dinner? A special event with your loved ones? A gathering with old or new friends? Or maybe a festive meal with your family members? Perla Restaurant is the place where all wishes come true. Perla Restaurant , with a tradition of more than...

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PIATRA ALBA Restaurant Bucharest

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The elegant atmosphere and the refinement of cuisine and drinks, the location, close to Moghioros Park, the relaxing design of the restaurant and everyday live music, are the reasons you should accept our invitation to visit us. Our restaurant is suitable for hosting wedding ceremonies, festive...

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VATRA NEAMULUI Museum Restaurant Balotesti

Video Balotesti · Views: 9722 · Comments: 3

Located in the vicinity of Henri Coanda airport, on the DN1 Bucharest-Ploiesti  national road, “Vatra Neamului” museum restaurant brings a new dimension of luxury and quality services to the restaurant business. The restaurant, classified as one of the top luxury restaurants in Romania,...

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STREGA Pizza Brasov

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Strega Pizza (a word that means “witch” in Italian) is a place where flavoured herbs complete the unique taste of the crispy pizza dough covered in fresh ingredients that can be combined according to your choice- in case you cannot decide which of the 24 delicious combinations you...

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CHEZ TONI Restaurant Bucharest

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Situated in "Pescariu Sports and Spa" Complex, on the border of Tei Lake, Chez Toni Restaurant invites you to enjoy the Mediterranean flavors, the traditional Lebanese cuisine.  Our restaurant welcomes you with a diversified traditional Lebanese menu which includes freshly made dishes...

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FOUR SEASONS Lebanese Restaurant Bucharest

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As a genuine Lebanese, Alain imagined a restaurant which represents Lebanon as he knows it: an oriental, modern and sophisticated one. In order to symbolize Lebanon’s personality, Alain used his designer talent and created a contemporary Beirut- style atmosphere.  In the kitchen he...

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LA TAVOLA Restaurant Self-Service Constanta

Video Constanta · Views: 11639 · Comments: 1

La Tavola – this location is a synonym of good taste, good quality food, good service, cleanliness and elegance. All this translate into” eating out” and feeling comfortable and cozy in a pleasant ambient at convenient prices.   We, the La Tavola team, have tried...

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Pizza NAPOLI Brasov

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If you have never been to Pizza Napoli , we suggest that you visit us as soon as possible. We are confident that you will enjoy the quality of both our food and our services in an intimate atmosphere. If you have already been here, than you definitely know the quality of our services and...

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Video Brasov · Views: 34429 · Comments: 7

Sergiana Center Complex has a surface of 1290 sqm., structured in wide open space, divided in two parts. One of the parts (which has 1050 sqm.) can be divided in other two equal parts by two mobile walls which are semiautomatic. The structure and the endowments allow the organizing of any...

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NEC'S Restaurant Brasov

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Do you know the joke with the guy who sees a giraffe for the first time? At the first view, Nec's line restaurant has almost the same impact. Nec's line is the newest project in the tourism business and it is developed by Sergiana Grup. It  consists of establishments which  combine the idea...

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CASA TUDOR Restaurant Brasov

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The menu in Casa Tudor is a cookbook with real stories, with flavors and dishes strewn through the fairytale characters, stories or any other type of literature written in time. All stories start the same: “Once upon a time there was a whoever...” The menu has another epic....the...

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CHEZ MARIE Restaurant Bucharest

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Chez Marie is an intimate and elegant restaurant which welcomes you in a warm and friendly atmosphere. It is situated in the centre of Bucharest, being an ideal place both for business meetings and for pleasure. The restaurant has an international cuisine and the house specialties both for...

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ORASUL INTERZIS Chinese Restaurant Bucharest

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" Orasul Interzis " is a luxury Chinese restaurant which has as a purpose the satisfaction of its customers through an unforgettable culinary experience. The restaurant is decorated in an Asian style, therefore it gives the feeling of harmony and refinement. The ground floor and the first floor...

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LA BUCATARUL VESEL Restaurant Brasov

Video Brasov · Views: 19189 · Comments: 15

  Located in the Old Centre of Brasov, in a historical area, with a beautiful view of Mount Tâmpa, our restaurant has a non-smoking room and two rooms for smokers. The famous ‘Buc?tar Vesel’ (The ‘ cheerful cook ’) welcomes you with a wide variety of...

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AMMOS Mediterranean Delights & Music Mamaia

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Ammos Mediterranean delights & music is more than a simple restaurant. Following the 'Taste Greece' concept, we offer you a journey through Greece's traditional cuisine, while you listen to the melodious sounds of the Greek singing instruments. Beautifully located on the northern part...

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BELUGA Restaurant Mamaia

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Bringing the Danube Delta on the shores of the Black Sea The fresh fish from the wonderful Danube's Delta, from the foamy Black Sea or from the natural reserve Laguna Albastră, near Babadag, jumps into a pan, inside a traditional Romanian kitchen, to feel your taste and your soul with...

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FOUR SEASONS Lebanese Restaurant Dorobanti Bucharest

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Four Seasons Dorobanti is a new location of the Four Seasons brand, a restaurant with a very wide and authentic gastronomic experience, present on the market since 2002. The coquettish design with fine oriental accents, the fresh atmosphere, the unique diversity of a stylish and light cuisine,...

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EDEN Restaurant Predeal

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Eden Restaurant – a piece of heaven! You can enjoy, in a delightful atmosphere, a variety of drinks and dishes in our bar & restaurant. No matter if it is simply your favourite drink or a savoury Romanian traditional dish, you will not regret your choice. Also, you can choose one of...

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PIRANHA Club Bucharest

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We could start by saying ‘once upon a time…’, but we would only be delaying our final destination! PIRANHA is more than a club, it is an idea related to anything, to everything, to fun! Piranha is a mixture of US ALL! It is something that all of us, more or less dreamers,...

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GRAND Restaurant Brasov

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Its exceptional design and the highest quality standard finishing together with its own team of professionals, live music and culinary preparations are meant to transform your event into an unforgettable experience, be it a business lunch, a romantic dinner, a family reunion, or even your...

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LA TAVOLA CALDA Restaurant Brasov

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La Tavola Calda was born due to an existing wish to bring Italy, with all its culinary charm and Mediterranean flair, close to your home. The Italy we know, welcomes you in a warm atmosphere, making you feel like at home, and serves you genuine dishes, which are not Italian only due to their...

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Events by DEL MAR Hotel Mamaia

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Del Mar Ballroom Decorated in an art-deco style, Del Mar Ballroom is an exclusive venue, ideal for organising private events, such as wedding or Christening receptions, and also for organising corporate events, such as conferences, team building, cocktail parties or presentations. Del Mar...

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PINGUIN Restaurant Mamaia

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The terrace of Pinguin Restaurant , in  Mamaia resort, is located on the shore of the Siutghiol Lake, next to the Riviera Hotel. The terrace has a capacity of approximately 100 seats, facing the lake. Sunsets are an unforgettable and a unique spectacle each evening. Placed on a promontory,...

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DADO Fast Food Bucharest

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Dado Fast Food is not just another ordinary shawarma place from Bucharest. Dado Fast Food is a modern place, where are daily prepared, on the spot, a wide variety of fast dishes, such as: grilled minced meat rolls, grilled chicken and pork, shawarma, kebab or falafel. The pita bread and...

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