We could start by saying ‘once upon a time…’, but we would only be delaying our final destination!

PIRANHA is more than a club, it is an idea related to anything, to everything, to fun! Piranha is a mixture of US ALL! It is something that all of us, more or less dreamers, hope to find!

The idea behind ‘Piranha’ was born in the hearts of many of us, due to the desire to relive childhood dreams and stories, the desire to relive those moments when life still seemed more quiet and indulgent. However, Piranha Club was born here, in Bucharest, a city that offered us everything, but in which we could not be ourselves. What was it missing? It was missing that certain something that would have made us feel better, more indulgent, calmer, more relaxed and freer of our daily cares. It was missing the bond with nature and in the end it was missing LIFE!

How many of us have not asked themselves ‘Why do we feel better when we are in the middle of nature? Why do we feel like OURSELVES?. The answer is simple: because that is the way in which we are supposed to live. The life we live today, worse or better, happier or less happy, might be the price we pay to ‘modern civilization’! We have tried to fill this huge whole, without depriving anyone of anything that the world of today, the modern world might represent.

Piranha seems a little corner, an image detached from those stories we used to listen when we were children by the fireside. Piranha is also the biggest and the greenest terrace in Bucharest, with a capacity of more than 800 people. All 150 tables are surrounded by different types of trees, grass and flowers. In our pond, among the water lilies, are ‘accommodated’ the piranha fish who gave their name to the club. On the ‘shore’, a variety of parrots, iguanas, pigeons, American Staffordshire Terrier dogs and cats will keep you company. Also, we must not forget about the pavilions, the umbrellas and the professionally equipped and covered stage on which have performed ‘heavy names’ of the music industry in Romania, such as Iris, Cargo, SarmaleleReci, Partizan, El Negro and many others.

You can convince yourself only by visiting us!