Octavian Goga Memorial Museum was built in 1967, following the donation made to the Romanian state by Veturia Goga, the widow of the poet. The patrimony of the institution includes over 14.000 pieces organized in collections, exhibited or stored in the rooms of the museum complex.
The museum evokes the life and activity of the big poet by means of documents, books and photographs but especially through the exhibition of a big number of objects who belonged to him, such as: a German chest from the 18th century, a Florentine case made in Transylvania in the 16th century, 2 armchairs covered with Cordoba leather from the 17th century, as well as the Bidermazer armchairs and sofas.
Between 1938 and 1958, through the efforts of the poet’s widow, Veturia Goga, the ”Mausoleum” was built, funerary monument erected according to the plans of the architect G.M. Cantacuzino, where the human remains of the national poet and of his wife are found.