The northern pintail (Anas acuta) was named after the two elongated feathers from the middle of its tail.

This bird has an aerodynamic figure more prolonged than any other duck species. Its long neck and tail complete this aspect. Its plumage it predominantly fawn. Its head is brown and its neck and lower side are white. The feathers from one side of the wings are copper-coloured with green iridescence. These areas are bordered by white and black lines.

It feeds itself in shallow water, with aquatic vegetation and various aquatic creatures, especially with larvae, small molluscs and small crabs.

The northern pintail does not remain in our country. During autumn massive flocks overfly the territory. It nests in northern areas and it winters in the regions at the north of the Mediterranean Sea or in the north of Africa. During mild winter, a few specimens remain in the Danube's Delta, alongside other Nordic aquatic species. It prefers the lagoon areas.

During springtime it overflies again the territory of Romania. There is no undeniable evidence which demonstrated that this species has ever nested in the Danube's Delta.