Navy Day was officialised on the 15th of August 1902, on the same day during which is celebrated Saint Mary Major, the patron of the Romanian navy. The official celebration took place on the NMS Elisabeta, the first cruiser of the Romanian Naval Forces, and there were present all the officers in the Navy Division and also the War Ministry at the time, Dimitrie A. Sturdza.

Each summer, thousands of tourists and locals gather, in the Mangalia Marina, on the 15th of August, to watch the festivities held in honour of the Romanian Navy Day. The event is organised by the Mangalia Garrison and the local city hall and it consists of various activities, held on both water and land.

At the event take part officials from the Romanian Army, representatives of central and local public institutions. After the national flag is hoisted on the mast and on the quay and after the national flag and thegreat pavois (tr. n. a set of maritime flags which are used to adorn a ship on special occasions), a religious ceremony takes place, featuring the sanctification of a flower anchor, which is then placed on the sea in the memory of the sailors who sacrificed their lives.

After this, follows the reading of the common Disposition of the National Defence, Internal Affairs and Transportation Ministries.

According to the activities schedule, the event also features insertion and extraction exercises on and from the objective, free helicopter jumps and water extractions, with four divers, inspection exercise on board of a suspect ship, fire extinction exercises and navigation contests for rafts, skiffs, yoles and sailboats.

For this special occasion take place various sailor's games, on water and on land, attack and salute exercises of the military aviation and a boat parade.

During Navy Day there are also programmed various music and brass band shows, military equipment exhibitions and interactive workshops. In the evening, takes place an impressive withdrawal of the sailors, which carry torches. After this fireworks are set, followed by various concerts.