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Tourist attractions, Parks Bucuresti, Bucuresti

Herastrau Park Bucharest

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The largest park in Bucharest is Herastau Park , in the north of the city, spreading on 110 hectares. On this area, before 1930, there was a bog. Between 1930 and 1935, this area was drained and therefore discussions started for the new lay out. The design for the park was made by two...

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The Drumul Taberei Park or the Moghioros Park, how it used to be called a while ago, is located in the heart of the Drumul Taberei neighbourhood and it is almost entirely bounded by the boulevard with the same name. The park was arranged in the communist era and it spreads on a total surface...

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The Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park , also known as the IOR Park , is located in the central-estic part of Bucharest, in the heart of the 3rd district of the city, in an area between the Camil Ressu Street, Liviu Rebreanu  Street, Campia Libertatii Street, Baba Novac Street, Constantin...

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CIRCUL DE STAT Park Bucharest

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The Circul de Stat Park (The State Circus Park) was created in 1960, where it used to exist the ‘Tonola’ trash pit, on an almost entirely artificial landscape, with the purpose of enhancing the exterior aspect of the building of the State Circus. The park has a total surface of...

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SEBASTIAN Park Bucharest

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Sebastian Park is located in the 5th sector of Bucharest in the Sebastian-Rahova area. In spite of its small dimensions it manages to bring freshness in the urban landscape of the area, becoming a small oasis of greenery and relaxation. The alleys with their benches, guarded by young...

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KISELEFF Park Bucharest

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Kiseleff Park is located in the triangle created by the Ion Mihalache Boulevard, Aviatorilor Boulevard and Ion Mincu Street. The park was arranged after the year 1832, year in which was built Kiseleff Road, under the close guidance of Karl Wilhelm Mayer (the director of the Imperial...

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TINERETULUI Park Bucharest

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Tineretului Park has a surface of more than 80 ha and it is located at the end of Dimitrie Cantemir Boulevard, not far from the centre of the city. This green oasis has been mentioned in the systematization sketch for the city since 1935, but it was arranged only later, from 1965 to 1974....

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IZVOR Park Bucharest

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Izvor Park is a relatively young park which releases freshness everywhere: newly planted trees, lawn areas, alleys and ingenious built playgrounds (including special playgrounds for children with disabilities), which become more and more popular among little ones who come here with their...

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CAROL Park Bucharest

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Carol Park was built between 1900-1906 after the French landscape architect Eduard Redont’s plans and was opened in 1906 to celebrate King Carol I’s 40-year reign. The general commissioner of the park organization was the scientist Constantin I. Istrati (1850-1918), University...

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Cismigiu Park Bucharest

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Cismigiu Park is situated in the centre of the Capital, being at the crossroad of Mihail Kogalniceanu (S), Schitu Magureanu (V) boulevards and Stirbei Voda (N), Brezoianu (E) streets. It is the oldest and considered to be the most beautiful park in Bucharest. It has a surface of 17 hectares...

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ION VOICU Park Bucharest

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The Ioanid Park or, as it is called in the present, the Ion Voicu Park is a coquettish and well preserved park. Between the years 1830 and 1869, the park was one of the early summer gardens in Bucharest and it was called the Breslea Garden. Often, the garden became a promenade and party area...

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Located in the 2nd district of Bucharest, Gr?dinaIcoanei (The Garden of the Icon) is a little and coquettish park, with many playgrounds for children, nicely arranged alleys and a fountain, located in the middle of the park, which brings life to the beautiful green area. The Gr?dinaIcoanei...

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EROILOR Park Bucharest

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Eroilor Park is bounded by the avenue with the same name, by Splaiul Independentei, the Univerity Hospital and in its vecinity there is the Venus Park. Placed in the corner formed by Eroilor avenue and Spaliul Indepententei, the Health Heroes Monument is dedicated to the voluntary doctors and...

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